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As many of you know I have just returned from Tanzania. My great-grandfather was originally from Benin, but it was one of his daughters who married a Tanzanian man and today we have a large Tanzanian family. I go to visit them at least two times every year. Most of the talismans that I had promised to bring back from Tanzania have already been sent out or arrived. So if you received a talisman and are happy with this powerful spiritual tool and piece of African cultural heritage please feel free to comment. Let me our readers know how the talisman is living and being cared for in your home!

In Tanzania I visited one of the few compounds dedicated strictly to protecting albino child sorcerers. In Tanzania, albinos are recognized as having strong spiritual power and are feared for it. Many are expelled from their communities. I have seen, eaten and slept with these albino ‘witches’ in Tanzania and I can tell you that they are no more harmful or dangerous than you or I. Many do have a great spiritual power but it is not evil and nothing to be afraid of. And it is no different than what we are granted by the Universe and by the Lwa as well. We must embrace the positive aspects of African Vodou while keeping a tight hold on our emotions and hurting others as a result.

Tanzania will teach a person much about giving back. In many ways I hope the talismans from Tanzania will also. As living, sacred items it is important that a talisman is properly cared for and looked after. We learn many lessons from nourishing our talismans and seeing the power of them grow over time. Simply having a talisman enriches the life in many ways.

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This was a question that was asked of me just today. I responded and also asked if I could explain the answer here for the benefits of the readers at Animals are specially susceptible to spiritual influence. They can see both the spirit world and the world of the living. In Africa they are said to “live in the city and in the jungle” because of this. They walk between the realms of the living and the dead.

But more often than not, a curse will not be placed on a pet. Sudden sicknesses in animals and even sudden deaths in animals can be signs of spirits that are angry. This is especially the case if the animal has a specific significance to a spirit, for example a dog to Lebga or a rooster to Kalfu. The issue may rest upon you rather than upon the animal.

The good news is that an animal can also save you from being attacked by spirits. Many people have kept animals to both help develop spiritual ability and bring spiritual protection. To the Native Americans, the eagle was a symbol of spiritual protection, as was the owl. In Africa it has been the serpent, who in Vodou we know as Danballah. Dogs are said to be ‘man’s best friend’ because they protect us against what is not man – but the spirit world. They are able to interact with it and actually drive spirits away.

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