November 1st, 2011

Just a quick post to highlight the beautiful talisman that we received from Cameroon – this is an Abete fetish. It is a statue that holds the actual living spirit of a chief of the Abete tribe. This is one of the fetishes that we offer for adoption and you can read more about it above on the Available Talismans page.

As with all of our talismans it is important to point out that this not just a statue. It is a magical item that holds the actual living spirit of a deceased person. In this case it is a bit special because it was the tribal spirit of an Abete chief. It is to be used for protection and also for bringing wealth. It also requires that you care for it appropriately.

Note that we do not “sell” these talismans or fetishes. We prefer to say that you adopt them. The reason for this is because they require care. This is why you cannot simply place an order and have it shipped off to you. We received this talisman directly from the Abete region in Africa and we are now caring for it in Europe. If you are truly interested in this type of spirit item please contact us. We do ship with confirmation, for free in Europe and accept payments by credit cards and Verified PayPal.

There are no two talismans or fetishes exactly like this in the world. Many are of similar style but none are identical. None hold the same spirit. This is a rare opportunity to care for and receive the blessings of an a spirit that was an actual Abete chief. We have to find a good home for it and when it is gone to a new home, it is gone for good.

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good work
good infos

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