November 22nd, 2011

I recently saw two videos from Ms. Odette, a Haitian Mambo who runs Ms. Odette’s Spiritual Supplies and Services. She has a strong presence on YouTube and has consistently managed to explain Vodou in a way that makes sense the uninitiated while remaining true and faithful to what Vodou really is. In the first of the two videos she expresses her indignation at the police in Milford, Delaware and how they were handling the situation regarding a stolen smart phone. In the follow-up we see that her Voodoo worked – the police officer was apparently fired and his wife apparently suspended from her work. The smart phone was returned by the thief as well. I am posting these as real-life examples of how powerful Vodou is and what types of things it can bring for those who are faithful to the Lwa.

“In Boynton Beach I was going to call for the job of the supervisor of the Boynton Beach Police Department. I was going to call the board. I was going to call for his Job. Before I could even contact an advocate, before I could contact an attonrey or a lawyer, before I contacted the Attorney General, I consulted with the spirits because that’s who I am. And I can’t tell you how many times in my life the spirits have saved me and protected me. And so I sent a spirit. A spirit of confusion to this man. I sent him a spirit of confusion. And I had called Haiti on him, just like I did Nick. And I called Haiti on him. And I sent a spirit to his home.


You can look it up on the internet. He went home drunk. His wife, who is also a Boynton Beach Police Officer, she called the police. She was suspended. Probably with pay, which is just like a vacation. Nevertheless he was fired. So he lost his job anyway. He lost his job. And by the same measure that he judged me, he was judged even harder in the public’s eye. In his colleague’s eye. He was totally ruined in ways that I could never have done. No matter who I called.”


I looked up incidents similar to what Ms. Odette had reported. They are confirmed in the mainstream media.

Boynton Beach Cop Fired Over Wife Beating Incident (Palm Beach Post)

This is a powerful example of what Vodou can do. In this case Ms. Odette used it powerfully not just to bring justice for the wrongs committed against her and her family, but also to stop the evil acts of a corrupted authority.

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2 Responses to “Ms. Odette – Haitian Mambo and Justice Seeker”

Joe Says:

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fabiola Says:

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