Available Talismans

[frame]Right now we have just received three new fetishes -two are the type called an Nkisi, fetish statues specifically from the Bas-Congo region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The other is from the Abété of Cameroon, also a traditional fetish but from a heritage very unique to Cameroon. Both are exquisite examples of both African Art as well as actual functioning magical talismans. They need good homes – people who will care for them, feed them and also reap the benefits of the magical blessings that they bring.[/frame]

vodou talismanWe work with Vodou Priests and Priestesses from around the globe to make talismans available in most countries worldwide. The talismans are not produced here at Bondye.com, but are imported from all around Africa and the Caribbean. A majority of our talismans come from Benin, Congo, and Tanzania (approximately 80%) with the second most coming from Haiti (15%) and the remainder from other locales worldwide, including Trinidad, Jamaica, Brazil and Louisiana. Any talisman you receive from us has come directly from a real Vodou Houngan or Mambo. [three-fourth frame=”y”]vodou gris-grisEvery Vodou talisman, fetish or gris-gris is unique. Many may come in the form of dolls, others a ritual object such as a fetish, and still others as amulets or pendants. The type of Vodou talisman you receive will depend on which Houngan or Mambo crafts it, where they are from and what type of Vodou Peristyle they are presiding over.[/three-fourth]

The talismans that we have are limited and are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. In some cases the talismans will be constructed ahead of time for a general purpose (luck, protection from evil spirits, romance) or they may be crafted specifically for you. We will always provide information on what talismans are available and what talismans we can acquire on your behalf upon contact. When ordering a talisman you will also be given the name of the Houngan or Mambo who crafted it, the purpose of the talisman and the geographical location that it originated from.

If you know what kind of talisman you are looking for or want one specifically done for you, please contact us and let us know. We may be able to find you one quickly or alternately place on you on a waiting list to receive your talisman when it will be available. At Bondye.com we work with Houngans and Mambos from all over the world. We can find you a talisman that is effective and right for you.[two-third frame=”y”]vodou nkisi talismanNo two Vodou talismans are alike. Even ones that are similar in nature or purpose will be crafted uniquely, by hand and charged with the individual powers of the Lwa. This is why you must contact ahead of time. There are no cookie-cutter talismans. Each is crafted in a real and powerful Vodou ceremony.[/two-third]

Finally, please consider that all talismans are crafted locally and often in poverty-ridden areas. The Houngans and Mambos receive full compensation for their work and the cost of a talisman, although small to you, is often a significant amount for a Vodou community. What you pay for a talisman will go to basic needs within the Vodou community, including providing needed food and aide supplies locally. All funds from talismans will contribute to the development of local Vodou communities and villages.[frame]haitian vodou dollWARNING – A Vodou talisman or gris-gris is a living thing. It must be kept safe, secure and respected. Those who disrespect or fail to care for their talisman properly may invoke the wrath of the Lwa. Those who respect and treat their talismans with care will receive everlasting blessings.[/frame]