Abete Fetish of Cameroon

Right now we have just received three new fetishes -two are the type called an Nkisi, fetih statues specifically from the Bas-Congo region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The other is from the Abété of Cameroon, also a traditional fetish but from a heritage very unique to Cameroon. Both are exquisite examples of both African Art as well as actual functioning magical talismans. They need good homes – people who will care for them, feed them and also reap the benefits of the magical blessings that they bring.

Abete Fetish of Cameroon

Abete Fetish of Cameroon - $375

This is the fetish from the Abete Bela region of Cameroon. This is a fetish that is placed in a house and used primarily for protection and blessings. It holds the spirit named Kpassi who was said to be a powerful chief and magician of a tribe in Abete. This fetish was created specifically to give him a link to the material world; it would allow him to continue working his blessings and spiritual powers for his family, tribe and those who would consult him.

This fetish has had many offerings made to it throughout the years. I cannot say how old it is exactly, but I can attest to the power and vibration that it gives out simply being near it. Like all African fetishes it is of course a living thing and it must be treated as such – taken good care of, being fed (given offerings), respected, etc. Just like you would a family member. The offerings do not need to be complex – Kpassi, like Sakpata or Babalu-Aye, can be consulted and appeased simply with popcorn. He also likes alcohols such as wine and beer, but not hard alcohol. This is not a fetish that you should offer tobacco or cigarettes to. More instructions can be given on how to take good care of him for those who are interested.

This Abete fetish – the house of the spirit of Kpassi – returns blessings for being taken care of and honored. It can be used to banish any evil or evil spirits from a possessed person, home, or house. It can likewise be used to break any curse. It will protect a home and also bring good fortune with money. The two diamonds on his body represent both shields against evil – they will send evil away from any who are caretakers of Kpassi – and actual diamonds. The latter meaning signifying a drawing in of wealth.

This fetish found its way to me simply due to urbanization and the displacement of the tribe in Abete. As more and more people moved away to major cities the last caretaker of the fetish did not have anybody serious to look after it. I received a phone call and had it sent here. The cost of this fetish is $375 and I will personally ship it for free anywhere in Europe and other countries will have to pay for shipping. Like everything we send out it will always be shipped extremely well-packed and by certified mail with tracking, delivery confirmation and any additional security features you request. Payments can be made with PayPal.